Hispanic Ministries

Across Texas

The Texas Baptists Hispanic Ministries is working hard to grow future leaders is through its Hispanic student summer missionary program.

Nathan Escamilla, pastor at Erez Church in Grand Prairie and summer missionary coordinator for Hispanic Ministries, explained that the program is a valuable educational experience for the students.

“The main goal is to give them exposure to the Christian world and expose them to environments they’re not used to… by the end, there’s a difference in their attitude and the way they see ministry,” he said.

Through this program, students are sent to churches around the state of Texas, where they work in student ministry, worship, VBS and other capacities. Each student decides on a program goal to complete by the end of their internship.

Jonathan, a student at Texas A&M San Antonio, was sent to Life Church in San Antonio, where his program goal was to assist in successfully planning and executing summer events for the children’s ministry. He was in charge of the church’s VBS Bible study curriculum, as well as setting-up for VBSs at different apartment complexes around the city.

Scholarships provided by Texas Baptists Hispanic Ministries for Jonathan and others like him relieve students of financial burden and allow them to focus on school and ministry.

Our church’s gifts through the Cooperative Program help support the Hispanic Ministry Team and the students they send out on missions. Today, let’s pray for Hispanic Ministry team members as they impact churches and communities through their work.


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