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In spring 2019, Elizabeth Ruto traveled to her homeland of Kenya, where she helped lead a conference that empowered pastors’ wives to start their own businesses and earn incomes to aid in supporting their husbands’ ministries.

Elizabeth understands being a pastor’s wife firsthand. Her husband, Pastor Shadrack Ruto, leads Upendo Baptist Church in Garland. The church’s mission is to reach international communities in the Dallas area, and it also serves as a stepping stone for missionaries like Elizabeth who feel led to minister in Africa.

Elizabeth’s trip to Kenya was funded in part by an outreach called Intercultural Strategic Partners (ISP), a Texas Baptists ministry. ISP helps intercultural churches such as Upendo Baptist Church engage their own people group with the Gospel in their homeland or diaspora.

“The impact of this is quite remarkable when you think of the thousands of people who are reached by small churches here in Texas,” said Patty Lane, director of Intercultural Ministries for Texas Baptists.

Our church’s gifts through the Cooperative Program support the ISP. By sending intercultural missionaries to their native countries, where they are familiar with the language and culture, the Gospel is being presented to people across the globe like never before.

Let’s pray for our intercultural brothers and sisters who are led to journey to their homeland for the sake of the Gospel.


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