Jeremy and Crystal Nelson

Madrid, Spain

Jeremy and Crystal Nelson are serving as International Mission Board (IMB) missionaries in Madrid, Spain. Spain is a huge mission field. Of the roughly 46 million people living there, less than 1% are evangelical Christians.

Thousands of people from South America have settled in Spain in recent years. Many of these South Americans are Christians, so Jeremy and Crystal have been working to empower these immigrants to share the Gospel with their Spanish neighbors. The Nelsons served as missionaries in South America for several years before moving to Spain, and Jeremy was a missionary kid in Venezuela, so they are very comfortable working with people from South America.

The Nelsons are teaching the immigrants about the Bible and how to share their faith with the Spaniards. They are also helping the immigrants plant new churches in parts of Madrid that have no other evangelical witness.

When our church gives through the Cooperative Program, we are supporting the Nelsons and the churches their South American friends are planting. Let’s pray that the hearts of the Spaniards will be open to receive the Gospel.


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