Logsdon Seminary

Abilene, TX

While all Logsdon Seminary students take classes in preparation for ministry, many of them are already putting their knowledge into practice in ministry positions. Hunter Brown, a student at Logsdon, has been serving as the youth minister of Potosi Baptist Church for almost two years.

Brown has found his professors at Logsdon to be especially uplifting and helpful in his journey.

“All of them care about you, and they ask more about your life than just the academic part. They’re really helpful with the ministry part too,” he said. “There have been several instances where I’ve felt defeated with church, and going to those different mentors and asking their advice is really helpful.”

Brown has seen connections between his classes and his ministry, and he says his theology classes have been helpful for his own spiritual formation.

“Christian philosophy was really great in helping me frame out what I think about God and to help me realize that I don’t have all the answers,” he said.

After graduation, Brown hopes to find a position in a church in Austin or Dallas as a children’s, youth, or associate pastor.

When our church gives through the Cooperative Program, we support students like Hunter Brown and other Logsdon Seminary students. Let’s pray for Logsdon professors as they teach and mentor the next generation of church leaders.


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