MAP Missionary

Tijuana, Mexico

Timoteo Cortes Ruiz used to pass the Colonia Union Antorchista neighborhood all the time as he traveled around Tijuana, Mexico. Of the roughly 2,500 people living there, the majority were factory workers and bus drivers. While traveling around this neighborhood, Ruiz realized there were no churches in the area.

Ruiz originally wanted to plant a church in his hometown. Instead, he began to feel a call to start one in Colonia Union Antorchista.

Ruiz began praying about this calling, and God quickly opened a door when he met a local political leader who helped him obtain the land needed to build a church.

Since their doors opened, Ruiz’s church has established several ministries for men, women and children in the Colonia Union Antorchista neighborhood. The church has also started a Sunday school program. Furthermore, members of the church are volunteering in local charities and spreading the love of Jesus Christ beyond the church doors.

“The people now recognize and respect the church here,” said Ruiz.

He believes that God will continue to bless their new church as it grows. Ruiz is a part of the Texas Baptists Missionary Adoption Program (MAP), where Texas churches partner with churches in a host country to jointly sponsor an indigenous missionary.

When our church gives through the Cooperative Program, we help support MAP missionaries like Timoteo Cortes Ruiz, who are spreading the Gospel to unreached areas of the world. Join me in praying for the work of Ruiz and his church in Tijuana.


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