Ministerial Financial Assistance

Dallas, TX

Roger Ortiz, a biblical studies major, started his second year at Dallas Baptist University in Fall 2019. He had numerous tests, papers and projects to worry about. But, thanks to Texas Baptists Ministerial Financial Assistance (MFA), Ortiz will leave school with considerably less debt.

MFA provides scholarships for Texas Baptists students going into ministry and attending a Texas Baptists institution. Roughly $3 million a year is given in both undergraduate and graduate scholarships.

For Ortiz, the call to ministry came in high school. After he graduates from DBU, he hopes to either attend seminary or obtain a master’s degree in theology to better prepare for ministry. Above all, he wants to follow wherever God leads him.

“My goal is to be obedient,” Ortiz explained. “I feel a call to pastoral ministry right now, but if the Lord calls me somewhere else, I’ll be obedient.”

Steve Mullen, director of Theological Education at Texas Baptists, believes that supporting future church leaders like Ortiz is essential to the growth of the church. He said, “We’re doing everything we can to prepare students to come into churches, because our churches are going to need them.”

When our church gives through the Cooperative Program, we are supporting future church leaders like Roger Ortiz through the Ministerial Financial Assistance program. Join me in praying for the next generation of church leaders.


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