Philip & Jummai Nache

Minneapolis-St.Paul, Minnesota

In recent years, more and more people from around the world have been relocating to the United States. The nations are coming to us.

Philip Nache came from Nigeria, Africa, to the United States to attend seminary. When he visited the Twin Cities, Minneapolis-St. Paul in Minnesota, he realized many Africans were living there — more than 100,000 immigrants and refugees. But there were few churches for them. “They were like sheep without a shepherd,” he said.

So Philip and his wife, Jummai, moved to the Twin Cities in 2015 and planted Hope of Nations Gospel Church as NAMB missionaries. Of course, Africa has many nations and language groups. Africans began asking him to plant churches in their various languages.

So Phillip started teaching classes training Africans to plant churches. One man he trained returned to South Sudan to plant churches. The Naches’ ministry is reaching people at home and overseas.

Our church is supporting Philip and Jummai in Minnesota through our Cooperative Program giving. Join me in praying for our NAMB missionaries now.


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