Randy and Anita Jordan


Randy and Anita Jordan serve as International Mission Board (IMB) missionaries in Manila, Philippines. There, they work with college students at three major universities downtown, reaching students for Christ and discipling them in their faith.

Most of the students in the Philippines do not have a relationship with the Lord. In fact, many of them have only heard of Jesus’ name, and do not know that they can have a personal relationship with Him.

Aviel was one such student. The Jordans met him when a Christian student brought Aviel to their church. Aviel was not a Christian, and he would often get angry and blame God when he encountered problems in his life. The Jordans were able to disciple Aviel, and he accepted Jesus as his savior.

Our gifts through the Cooperative Program allow Randy and Anita to minister to students in the Philippines. Let’s pray that their ministry would continue to thrive and that the hearts of the students may be open.


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