River Ministry

Laredo, TX

The Texas Baptists River Ministry is working hard to reach the immigrants and refugees who arrive at the Texas-Mexico border every day. Sixteen Texas Baptists River Ministry coordinators work tirelessly to coordinate food, medical and Gospel-centered ministry for thousands crossing the border.

River Ministry coordinator Ruth Ortiz and her parents, Lorenzo and Aralia, have opened up their home in Laredo, Texas, to care for between 80 and 100 immigrants a day.

Some of the services provided by Ruth and her family include coordinating travel logistics for immigrants whose family members live elsewhere in the states; preparing and serving hot meals; and supplying shower units, toiletry kits and clean clothes.

Most importantly, however, the Gospel is shared with each person who enters the Ortiz’s home. From here, the Gospel goes forth into the United States as immigrants connect with their families. Additionally, lives outside the United States are touched and changed by the good news of Christ when immigrants return to their home countries and take the Gospel back to their families.

“The nations have come to us,” Ruth said. “Churches are invited to come to be a part of the work God has called us to, as we minister to people from around the world and share the Gospel of Jesus Christ.”

When our church gives to the Cooperative Program, the Ortiz family and other River Ministry missionaries are supported as they minister to people on the border. Let’s pray now for River Ministry coordinators and the immigrants who are receiving the Gospel message.


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