Ross and Dena Frierson


Ross and Dena Frierson are International Mission Board (IMB) missionaries serving in Wales, a country with very little religious involvement. In fact, people who consider themselves nonreligious vastly outnumber church members.

Ross and Dena started a small church that met at someone’s home. The church grew and grew until they were unable to meet in the house any longer. They looked for a building to meet in and found a long-empty church building. There are many of these empty churches throughout Wales. As faith has declined over time these old church buildings have been abandoned or converted to warehouses, pubs or even worship spaces for other religions.

The abandoned church the Friersons had discovered was held by a trust. When they asked if they could use the building, the trust managers were delighted because they had been praying for the building to be an active church once again.

Now, about 50 people attend services in the new building. Ross and Dena are confident the church will continue growing.

When we give through the Cooperative Program, our church supports missionaries like Ross and Dena Frierson, who are sharing the light of Jesus in a place that so desperately needs it. Let’s pray for the Friersons, their church, and the people of Wales they are reaching.


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