Singing Women of Texas

Dallas, TX

When Megan Smallwood joined the Singing Women of Texas (SWOT) in 1994, she had no idea she would be one of its directors 25 years later. What started as a one-time concert blossomed into a full-time ministry, with Baptist women from around Texas singing in eight different chapters.

SWOT’s importance continues to grow as many modern churches do away with their church choirs. “The landscape of church worship ministry has changed so much… and a lot of ladies don’t get to sing in their church choirs anymore,” Smallwood explained.

The chapters go on mission trips throughout the United States. They perform concerts for churches, prisons and homeless centers; but SWOT does not just minister to people through music. During their Lone Star Tour, the women boxed food for homeless people, weeded community gardens and served food at a local shelter during the day, before presenting their concerts in the evenings.

SWOT is also a fantastic ministry for its members. “It’s unlike anything we have in any other part of our lives,” Smallwood said. “We have such a strong fellowship and connection as sisters in the Lord.”

Our church’s gifts through the Cooperative Program allow the Singing Women of Texas to continue ministering to each other and their communities. Join me in praying today for Singing Women of Texas and the audiences who join them in worship.


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