TBM: El Paso

El Paso, TX

Texas Baptist Men (TBM) travels around the world helping people recover from natural disasters and other tragedies. In the summer of 2019, when a mass shooting occurred at an El Paso shopping center, TBM volunteers responded quickly and were some of the first responders on the scene.

Glenn Pennington, a TBM volunteer, explained that the organization was created to help people in times of crises.

“When we got the call, that’s what we’re trained for – whether it’s feeding migrants at a migrant center or responding in the wake of a disaster,” Pennington said. “We’re just here to do whatever is needed.”

In El Paso, TBM volunteers met at a police station, where they directed traffic, accepted donations and loaded them onto trucks for distribution. The donations were sent to first responders and the family reunification center. Volunteers worked for six hours alongside a number of people from the community, encouraging and serving those around them.

“What we do at TBM and other people do in the community, it just shows love is stronger than hate every time,” Pennington said.

TBM shares the Gospel and Christ’s love with the people they encounter by meeting their needs. Because of our church’s gifts through the Cooperative Program, TBM can offer greater help to those in crisis. Join me today in praying for those affected by natural and man-made disasters across the state and nation, and for TBM and the volunteers who minister to them.


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