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Texas A&M University is a temporary home to almost 7,000 international students. That means Texas A&M’s Baptist Student Ministry (BSM) has plenty of work to do. They share Christ with students from around the world by hosting welcome lunches, multicultural events and free English classes.

Erika was a Japanese exchange student who met some of the BSM students during her first month on campus. She started attending the ministry’s English classes, and when she befriended two of the student teachers, they began reading the Bible together.

Erika struggled to accept the things the Bible said, especially because she had grown up very suspicious of Christians. She felt like she would have to turn her back on her own people and culture to become a Christian, so she stopped reading the Bible.

Two weeks later, however, she reached out to her BSM friends, saying that she could not stop thinking about the things she’d read in the Bible and that she had to learn more. They began reading again, and in February she became a Christian and was baptized.

At the end of the school year, Erika returned to Japan. However, thanks to the BSM’s connections with missionaries there, Erika was not without guidance and discipleship. The BSM was able to connect her with a local church, where she can continue growing in her faith.

Our church supports Texas A&M’s BSM, and other BSMs across Texas, with our gifts through the Cooperative Program. Let’s pray for Erika, the BSM and the thousands of other international students at Texas A&M in need of the Gospel.


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