Todd and Katie Miller


The Shan people make up about 10% of Myanmar’s population. In recent years, they have clashed with the government. Thousands have moved to Thailand, which shares a border with Myanmar, and are living in refugee camps. They are searching for jobs and better, safer lives.

International Mission Board (IMB) missionaries Todd and Katie Miller have moved their family to eastern Thailand to minister to the Shan people. Most Shan people are Buddhists and often visit temples to ask for blessings. But recently, the Shans have begun hearing about the Gospel. When Todd and Katie drove into a village recently, a man flagged them down. He pleaded with them to come to his home and tell him about Jesus. Later, he prayed to receive Christ.

When our church gives through the Cooperative Program, we are supporting the work the Millers do in Thailand. Let’s pray for the Millers as they continue their ministry and for the Shan people that their hearts will be open to the Gospel.


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