Truett Seminary

Waco, TX

As a six-year-old girl running through the streets of El Paso, Ruby Wayman knew God was calling her to serve Him. The journey that call would take her on, however, was one she never could have expected.

Ruby found her way to Baylor University’s Truett Seminary after a 27-year military career and the tragic death of her husband. As she nervously sat in class on her first day of seminary, she was astonished by the first question her professor asked, “Is there any way we can pray for you?” Ruby shared her prayer request with the class and was amazed by their response.

“When we prayed, so many of the people in the class came and hugged me. They did not even know me,” Ruby said. “I felt like this was where I was supposed to be.”

Ruby’s initial experience with the compassion of the Truett community has continued throughout her journey. With professors cheering her on and fellow students working alongside her, Ruby believes Truett Seminary is a significant stepping stone toward pursuing her call to ministry.

“My goal is to learn about God and His holy Word and how to apply His message to people like me—people who hurt, people who do not know where they fit in, people who need to know they are loved by the King of kings,” Ruby said.

When our church gives through the Cooperative Program, Texas Baptists education partners like Truett Seminary are supported as they strive to teach the next generation of church leaders. Let’s pray for Ruby and other students like her who are giving God the glory through their education.


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