This information is for the Texas Baptists business sessions at Family Gathering 2023. For information about Convencion Bautista Hispana de Texas visit


The Texas Baptists Annual Meeting is made up of the messengers sent on behalf of churches. Visitors may register on-site, but will not be able to vote during business sessions.

If you have questions, please call (888) 244-9400.

To register
  1. Identify the BGCT ID# and the number of messengers for your church. To help with this process, a Messenger Request Card with your church’s BGCT ID# and number of messengers will be mailed to your church.
  2. Select messengers to represent your church at the BGCT business sessions at Family Gathering. A unique cell phone number and email address is required for each messenger.
  3. Bring a photo ID and confirmation of online pre-registration or messenger card to onsite registration at Family Gathering.
Online pre-registration

Open April 1 to July 17.

Messengers will receive QR code via email. Bring QR code or printed messenger form and photo ID to the fast line at Family Gathering registration.

Messenger cards

To receive messenger cards mail the Messenger Request Card that has been sent to your church before June 30. When the messenger cards are received the pastor or church clerk must sign these and distribute them to the messengers. Bring messenger cards and photo ID to Family Gathering registration.