Demographics & Statistics

Good decisions are based on good information.

The Office of Decision Support is assigned to research, analyze, and interpret data retrieved from the BGCT centralized data base, Annual Church Profiles, demographic data sets, and other information data sets.


  • Provide population and church statistical resources to churches, church starters, and pastor search committees in assessing church fields and developing strategic outreach
  • Prepare and present special studies as needed by BGCT-related committees and study groups
  • Assist BGCT staff, associations, and other agencies in program planning and evaluation
  • Prepare demographic studies for local churches and associations upon request

Annual Church Profile & Vital Signs Log

The Annual Church Profile (ACP) provides a way for your church to share its progress of ministry and growth so that associations, state conventions and Baptist agencies are better able to assist your congregation in all areas of church life. The Vital Signs Log can help you measure basic items of church participation on a weekly basis. Click below to learn more about these resources and download them for use in your church.

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