BOUNCing with Our Neighbors

by Jordan Pitman on June 22, 2017 in BOUNCE

Bartlesville BOUNCERS have been very responsive this week in worship.  From giving to the BOUNCE offering, singing along in worship, and praying for their neighbors, students and student leaders have experienced a renewal in their relationship with God. 

Carlos Montoya, our Worship Speaker this week in Bartlesville, taught out of Luke 10 tonight.  He challenged students to think about who their neighbors are and how they are to welcome them in as Jesus did.  In order for our relationships with others, believers and non-believers alike, do be effective, our relationships with the Father first need to be in order.  Last night, participants talked with their youth groups about ways to BOUNCE back home.

Be in prayer for students as they finish at worksites tomorrow, and for the relationships and conversations they have had throughout the week with local residents would be fruitful.

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