Christian Life Commission supports pro-life efforts in neighboring New Mexico city

by Teresa Young on April 17, 2024 in News

Hobbs, NM—The Texas Baptists Christian Life Commission (CLC) joined other pro-life partners on April 3 to dedicate a new ultrasound machine at the Legacy Pregnancy Resource Center in Hobbs, New Mexico.

The placement of the machine was coordinated through the Psalm 139 Project, an ongoing ministry initiative of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC) of the Southern Baptist Convention. Texas Baptists paid the costs for the machine and related training for Legacy Center staff.

Janet Waldrop, director of the Legacy Center, expressed her appreciation for the partnership, which has been a year in the making. She introduced Legacy Center staff, volunteers, board members, city and county commissioners and Hobbs Mayor Sam Cobb.

‘Front lines of the pro-life movement’

Miles Mullen, vice president and chief of staff for the ERLC, explained the donation's importance not only to the Legacy Center but also to the nationwide fight for life.

“The result of this [donation] is that lives are saved and hearts are changed. So when a mom and a dad hopefully see that baby on the ultrasound machine, upwards of 80 percent, by some measures, choose life,” Mullen said. “That is not only a preborn life saved, but it’s also the changing of the hearts in a culture that tells them that a preborn child is not worth anything.”

Mullen noted that, despite being overturned by the Dobbs decision, Roe v. Wade had a lasting impact on American culture.

“Yes, the law has changed, but we’ve had 50 years of inculcating people and the culture, and that’s not going to change except for places like the Legacy Center,” he said. “That’s where the frontlines of the pro-life movement are.”

Mullen added that the donation is unique because it was provided to a pregnancy resource center not in the same state as the Baptist state convention providing its funding. He noted that since Texas had passed laws severely restricting abortions, women have naturally fled to bordering states with less restriction.

Realizing this trend and wanting to be part of the solution, Texas Baptists stepped up, Mullen said. He is hopeful the effort will become a model for other states to follow.

‘New opportunities’ were Spirit-led

Dr. Katie Frugé, director of the Christian Life Commission and the Center for Cultural Engagement at Texas Baptists, added her own excitement for the opportunity she first learned about two years ago. She credits the prompting of the Holy Spirit with leading her to open the conversation with then-Texas Baptists Executive Director David Hardage, who, she said, loved the idea.

“We are neighbors and partners, and we want to lock arms with people who share that commitment to growing a culture of life. State borders are invisible lines people cross all the time, so we are all in the same mission work serving the people of God,” said Frugé. “I’m thankful to meet here and see this come together. Sometimes, some of the most exciting kingdom work happens when we let the Holy Spirit run with it and are open to imagination and new opportunities.”

Frugé expressed her appreciation to the Legacy Staff and committed to praying for their ministry.

Craig Christina, associate executive director for Texas Baptists, thanked and encouraged the Legacy Center and expressed excitement about partnering with the Hobbs nonprofit. While Texas Baptists regularly supports pregnancy resource centers in Texas, he said the gift was an opportunity to support pro-life efforts beyond the state’s borders.

The dedication ceremony closed with a prayer from Jim Fry, church administrator at First Baptist Church in Hobbs, thanking God for the blessing of technology and the difference the ultrasound will make for future clients of the Legacy Center.

“We pray that women would be impacted by what they see and hear,” said Fry. “It’s not just a thing but a living human being you are knitting together inside these women.”

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