Getting to know the Women’s Ministry team

by Bonnie Shaw on February 24, 2022 in Church Health

The Center for Church Health has a new Women’s Ministry team. The team includes Director Katie McCoy, African American Women’s Ministry Specialist Bennye Bryant and Hispanic Women’s Ministry Specialist Irene Gallegos. They are dedicated to helping the women of your church discover their spiritual gifts, flourish in their personal leadership, and contribute to the church through meaningful ministries.

We sat down with the team to learn more about their ministry and how they can come alongside you to leverage the talent and gifts of the women in your church.

What does the Women’s Ministry team offer to churches and ministries?

Katie McCoy: Our team not only teaches and speaks at events and churches, we also offer consulting services to women’s ministers. Some of the most rewarding conversations I’ve had since starting at Texas Baptists are with women who see the need for a women’s ministry in their church but need a little help putting it all together with a practical, sustainable plan.

In 2022, we will be sharing original content specifically for churches ministering to women post-COVID. The pandemic has changed us in ways we’re still identifying. And how we connect with and minister to women must change with it.

Bennye Bryant: In churches, women's ministries give women a place of safety and growth in God's Word while learning the extent of their God-given gifts. It is where women learn how to be godly women. Consequently, Texas Baptists Women's Ministry comes alongside these women, offering training, additional teaching of doctrine, and training in discipleship to help further strengthen the women's ministries in churches.

Why is the Women’s Ministry team a valuable asset to churches?

Irene Gallegos: Texas Baptists has a wealth of resources for the local church and the Women’s Ministry Team is one part of the promotion of church health. Some churches find it helpful to hear about what other church ministries are carrying out or perhaps are searching for best practices in a particular ministry area, and we can help connect them and share these ideas, as well as offering training and help ourselves. We are a main hub connecting local churches to a variety of women's ministry resources.

What churches are you specializing in and why are you passionate about those churches?

Irene Gallegos: My focus with the Women’s Ministry team is Hispanic churches. Tailoring ministry to ethnic culture celebrates the uniqueness of God's creation. Just as geographical regions vary in unique needs and assets, the variations in ethnic culture extend such challenges and strengths. Bilingual and bicultural considerations are just the tip of the iceberg in the uniqueness of Hispanic ministries. Tailoring ministry to meet the needs of Hispanic churches is vital for the discipleship and spiritual transformation of a unique part of God’s people.

Bennye Bryant: My specialty is African American churches. I am passionate about the work God has instructed me to do in these (and all) churches. African American church culture is the environment that nurtured me and taught me the value of a relationship with Jesus and God Almighty. I desire to see our African American churches continue to operate in the power of the Holy Spirit and the victory of Christ. I hope to see our churches partner with other churches to go beyond the church walls with the gospel and care for others in a way that many of our African American churches exemplify so well.

Where does your passion for women’s ministry come from?

Katie McCoy: Throughout the history of the church, women have been among the greatest influences for social change and Kingdom advancement. They are the hands and feet of countless ministries without which churches wouldn’t survive.

The influence women have in their families, churches, and communities is worthy of significant investment. They are half the church and half the Kingdom. Every woman is called to love the Lord her God with all her mind, with all the intellect, reason, energy, and passion that He gave her as His image-bearer.

Just look at how Jesus interacted with women in His earthly ministry and you’ll find why ministry to women is so important. You never find Him irritated by a woman’s presence, or regarding a woman’s questions as less important than those of His male disciples. Jesus engaged women's theological questions with intellectual rigor and corrected them with tenderness (John 4:1-11). Nothing could prevent Him from regarding a woman as an image-bearer of God.

How could we not value ministry to women in light of the value and priority Jesus gave them?

How can churches reach out to you?

Katie McCoy
Instagram, YouTube, Twitter: [at]blondeorthodoxy

Irene Gallegos
Instagram: [at]drirenegallegos

Bennye Bryant
Instagram [at]bennyebryant

To learn more about Texas Baptists Women’s Ministry go to

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