Go Time in Baton Rouge

by Jordan Pitman on June 27, 2017 in BOUNCE

It’s Tuesday and that means ministry teams completed their first day at their work sites!  BOUNCERS started off the day with Go Time, where our Mission Coordinator Brian Pearce prayed over and commissioned participants as they headed out to their work sites.  Baton Rouge BOUNCE has twelve ministry teams throughout the city, each doing a variety of tasks such as interior sheetrock, painting, and exterior siding, along with any other repairs homeowners need from flood damage.

Local media has been very interested in BOUNCE’s presence in Baton Rouge, as participants are aiding in ongoing recovery efforts from last year’s flooding.  One local television station interviewed a couple of students and student leaders doing interior work on one resident’s house.  Nearly ten months after last year’s flooding, the resident is now receiving renovations.  The family was very grateful for our BOUNCERS helping out this week!

Tonight at worship, BOUNCERS gave to our Mission Offering, which is going to provide a boat for Brazilian Amazon Missionaries. BOUNCERS responded well and haved helped us reach nearly half of our goal.

Continue to pray for the residents of Baton Rouge to be open to hearing the gospel.  Also, be in prayer for students and student leaders as they safely continue recovery efforts at each of their sites.

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