God is getting GC2 Press materials into the hands of those who need them

by Emily Ahrens on February 21, 2024 in News

Learning and growing in relationship with Christ can take time, community and resources. But what about those who aren’t in a community where Bible studies or other teaching materials are not readily available? Since 1999, GC2 Press, the publishing arm of Texas Baptists, has created biblical resources for churches, ministries and more.

Stan Granberry, GC2 Press marketing coordinator, has been on the team for 16 years and has seen firsthand the growth, expansion and overall impact the biblical resources have had across Texas and beyond.

“We primarily started producing Bible studies for churches in Texas, but then churches in other states found out about how good our curriculum was, so we started sending orders to other states,” Granberry shared. “We put out new studies every quarter.”

‘A ministry rather than a printing house’

The resources, which carry no date, remain applicable to learners for years. At times, GC2 Press has a backstock of studies available to share with other ministries in need. One benefit of the studies is their high production quality, so readers can pass them on to others for years to come – while enjoying a well-crafted Bible study that’s still relevant.

“Our books are made using a trade-back perfect binding paperback format, so they’re high quality and meant to be used for multiple uses,” Granberry said. “For example, a church that orders from us is able to pass those books along to another church, prison ministry or another class.. We see ourselves as a ministry rather than a printing house.”

GC2 Press receives grants and funds from the Mary Hill Davis Offering and the Texas Baptist Missions Foundation each year to support the ability to print and translate its resources. Currently, there are studies available in English, Spanish, Chinese, Cambodian, Laotian, Vietnamese and Korean. The publisher has recently expanded to offer additional translations, including Farsi and Arabic. These language resources are downloaded all over the world each year.

“These resources are for those who have found the Lord or are seeking the Lord and are looking to strengthen that relationship,” Granberry continued.

A new partnership to deliver materials

In the past, some resources were donated to faith-based dorms within the Texas prison system, but in recent years, there hasn’t been a relationship available to consistently give to one prison ministry.

Through a conference in the spring of 2023, GC2 Press Publisher Bob Billups met Jesse Medina, founder of Disciple Learner Resources.

Disciple Learner Resources (DLR) was founded in central Texas in November 2021 to educate, equip and encourage disciples to grow in spiritual maturity and share their faith with others.

A part of Medina’s ministry includes connecting those in the community with free discipleship materials through in-person events, Bible studies, podcasts and more. DLR relies on donations to continue giving free materials to those in need.

“We want to put discipleship materials ranging from the Bible and other resources into the hands of believers and non-believers,” Medina shared. “Through this, we want to encourage disciples that they’re not alone in this process.”

After Medina connected with Billups, he got to work on how to spread the knowledge of the gospel through the donated books.

One challenge for GC2 Press when donating Bible study materials is transportation.

“We try to find a partner that can not only use the books but can also help to transport them to where they need to go,” Granberry said.

Medina was able to drive from Bastrop to Dallas to pick up the initial pallets containing hundreds of Bible studies. The studies ranged from Mark to John to Genesis to Revelation.

Getting materials in the hands of people who need them

The donation from GC2 Press has blessed a variety of ministries for which Medina coordinates discipleship resources. From a men’s retreat, a women’s conference and pastoral leaders in his community, Medina has been able to bless them with new study materials.

“In addition, we have given 50 books to the faith-based dorms at the Travis County State Jail, and they are doing small groups in the dorms as we speak,” Medina said. “We have also been able to give 100 studies to a pen-pal prison ministry here in Cedar Creek where they write to the men and women in prison.”

A church Bible study group in Medina’s community is also studying Joshua and Judges together with the materials of the GC2 Press donation. In addition, Medina is sharing books with a veterans’ ministry in Wisconsin.

This is just the tip of the impact the GC2 Press donation is creating for believers and non-believers across the country.

“I said yes to God and GC2 Press said yes, and God is getting these materials into the hands of people who need it,” Medina shared.

Order your copy of the latest GC2 Press study at gc2press.org.

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