Laughing and learning through ministry with Ronny and Robin Marriott

by Meredith Poe on October 2, 2023 in News

Ronny Marriott, pastor of First Baptist Church Burleson, and his wife Robin are bringing some laughter to church ministry with their book: “So that REALLY happened?! HaHa to Aha Moments.”

A collection of funny stories and lessons learned over more than 37 years of ministry together, the book is a lighthearted look at both the challenges and joys of serving God’s Kingdom. Book sales help support a scholarship for business and ministry students at Howard Payne University.

“This book is for anybody who likes to laugh and has any sense of humor. If you’ve ever been in church, especially in a ministry role, you’ll be able to relate,” Ronny said.

“Ministry can be hard, but we like to take a lighthearted approach,” Robin said. “This book is a walk down the road of some of the crazy things we’ve seen happen, how we grew to laugh at them and what we learned.”

The idea for the book began three years ago, at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Everything was so heavy. We just felt we needed to help people laugh, so we started a Wednesday morning Facebook Live sharing funny stories from ministry and saw a great response. A few of the videos even went viral,” Ronny said. “People kept commenting saying that we needed to write these things down in a book, so we did.”

The book covers topics like raising pastor’s kids, welcoming new members, being a pastor's spouse, interacting with other ministers, deacons and members, and learning to laugh at some of the experiences ministers often have leading in the church.

“Sometimes you just have to stop and think about a situation that is stressful and learn how to laugh. It’s so much more helpful than getting bitter or angry,” Robin said. “Laughter is the best medicine and a great teacher as well.”

Both Marriotts are active Texas Baptists — Ronny currently serves as the Convention’s President. The couple has spoken several times at the Texas Baptists Preschool and Children’s Ministers Retreat as well as to several church groups. Additionally, Robin has shared the book at several women’s retreats and to a couple of business groups. Their book has been well received by both churchgoers and those outside the church since it was published last fall.

“Since the pandemic, so many church leaders, and everyone, have experienced some anxiety or depression,” Ronny said. “Many are stepping out of ministry because of the challenges faced, just calling it quits. We’re trying to show a different perspective of church, alleviate some of that tension and hopefully lead more people to ministry.”

To buy a copy of “So that REALLY happened?! HaHa to Aha Moments” on Amazon, click here. Or email Ronny Marriott at rmarriott[at]

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