Learn basic financial principles guided by God’s Word with free new resource from the Center for Ministerial Health

by Tammy Tervooren on May 25, 2022 in Financial Health

The “Financial Truth, Guiding Principles from God’s Word,” workbook and leader guide are now available for free e-download thanks to Texas Baptists’ GC2 Press and the Lilly Endowment. Dr. Terry Austin, former director of Church Stewardship for Texas Baptists, first wrote the workbook 20 years ago, however, the financial principles guided by God’s Word are timeless. The resource is available in English and Spanish.

“There are several Christian financial resources available to individuals and churches, however, some of those can be cost prohibitive for small churches and aren’t always available in Spanish,” said Tammy Tervooren of the Financial Health Team. “We wanted to provide a resource that makes financial planning for Christians easy and affordable.”

In the workbook, readers will learn how to manage their finances using the “10-70-20 Plan.” This is a simple plan that allows families to implement the financial principles outlined in Scripture and prioritize savings, debt repayment and living on 70% of a household’s income after taxes and tithing. The workbook also describes stewardship principles: Giving, Growing, Foundational and Living, to help Christians use their money in a way that is pleasing to God.

The leader guide is also available for the church to use in a small group setting, or for the church to go through the study as a congregation. The leaders guide uses applications and discussion topics to help groups as they learn to manage their finances together.

Download the Financial Truth Workbook and Leader Guide in English or Spanish here.

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