MAP Stories: Carlos and Amanda

by Camille Souza on August 25, 2020 in MAP Stories

Who would have thought that in 2020 we would be learning a different way to communicate withpeople every day? That is what has been happening with our MAP missionaries that cannot be in their riverside communities in Brazil. The port is closed, blocking their travel back to their communities.

Doing discipleship through the phone may seem very strange, but it is a way Carlos and Amanda, MAP missionaries along the Amazon River, have found to stay connected since they cannot physically be there.

A recently married missionary couple, Carlos and Amanda cannot and will not be stopped serving for Christ’s sake!

They serve at Jutaí community, however, because of the pandemic, they have stayed in Manaus, a city nearby.

“During the past month, God showed us once again that although we are not where we wanted to be, we are where He wants us. It was a month in which we were able to once again see the Lord’s care for our lives and how He has made us grow as Christians in that time,” said Amanda.

This past month, the couple was able to help an organization preparing care packages with basic food to send out to the communities that are far from the big city.

Amanda said, “We have been living in a very difficult time because of the pandemic. Also, people don’t have food and that problem can’t seem to stop in our country.”

With the help of other MAP missionaries, they are also doing some maintenance at their missionary house in Manaus.

Carlos shared that being relevant during this time has been challenging, but he can see that

God wants to use them.

He added, “We need to be relevant and remember that our missionary field is wherever we are at the moment. God is giving us the tools, but we need to position ourselves at the front line!”

They ask prayers for:

  • The riverside communities and indigenous peoples of Bugaio, Acapuri, Vila Ramos e Cevalho, regions that they made contact with and who need the Gospel to reach them
  • Brother and sisters in Jutaí; may God strengthen them and may they continue following Him
  • Their marriage
  • Their missionary friends that are about to go to a time of exams to officially become pastors

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