MAP Stories: New mission field, same mission

by Camille Souza on May 20, 2020 in MAP Stories

Who would have thought that in 2020 everything would be closed, including churches, and that we would have to stay in our houses to stay safe because of a global pandemic? These are crazy times that we are living in. But what does that mean to our friends working on the missionary field? 

Every month, we receive reports from our MAP missionaries with reports on how many people accepted Christ, how their community groups are growing and how God is using them to bring His truth to those in the community in which they work. However, this month we were not able to celebrate with our brothers and sisters about having more people coming to their community groups or that they were able to baptize and welcome new members to their churches. But we did receive news that showed us how God is using them to help those around them.

Douglas, who is a nurse, and his wife Camila, normally help with Projeto Novo Sorriso (New Smile project) in the Solimões river region. They provide nursing care, lead educational lectures focused on health and distribute kits with a toothbrush, toothpaste and soap. But they had to change what they do during the pandemic.

Douglas said, “We are maintaining social isolation and our public activities are suspended until the release of health authorities and local government, but the family's work has not stopped. We are making face protection masks in our home. We distribute part of what we produce in our neighborhood along with a hygiene kit. We donated a large amount to the Municipal Health Department of Tefé, who are allocating these masks to the riverside populations that we were unable to reach in that time. On April 22, 300 masks were donated to the Fire Department team that works in the city and another 500 units went to the Municipal Health Department of Tefé.”

Ednardo and Gabriel are also doing what they can. Ednardo said, “The missionary work cannot stop, so every day we have held services inside the house where we are being sheltered, along with other missionaries who are here. Together we are making masks that are being donated to Venezuelans on the streets, our coordinators search every week and deliver it to the Brazilian army to distribute it. Even though it is simple and small, we believe that God has used it to save lives.”

We also received news from other missionaries who were in training when the virus got in the country. Many people were not able to go back to their villages because the government is trying to prevent the virus from reaching the riverside communities. While they were very sad that they could not go back to their villages, that did not mean they were discouraged! A group of missionaries in quarantine decided to dedicate time to pray, learn and strengthen their spirit so they are ready for what is coming in the future!

Our missionaries might have a new missionary field for now, but they still have the same mission–to share God’s love to everyone in every way that they are able. In this uncertain time, we do not know a lot, but we can be sure of one thing: our God is bigger!

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