MAP Stories: José Gleidson & Fernanda Almeida

by Guest Author on April 30, 2019 in MAP Stories

“All this is for your benefit, so that the grace that is reaching more and more people may cause thanksgiving to overflow to the glory of God.”  2 Cor. 4:15

We want to express our joy and gratitude to God for all the blessings poured out. The month of January was challenging. We left a local leader in the congregation where we worked and went to support the mother church. We have now worked with the children and youth of the church, teaching them about the importance of evangelism and discipleship. What a precious time we have had!

With 15 children participating, we held the graduation of the Great Journey. We became the leaders of the Sunday School class where we have talked about discipleship with an average of 48 people. We are also giving guitar and keyboard lessons to young people, both of whom are active in the ministry of praise which previously did not exist in the church. We held a “gincana” (competition answering questions/fulfilling certain tasks) with 25 youth present. It was a time of spiritual growth and learning. At the end, we held a talent festival to discover the hidden talents of our church members and give young people the opportunity to work in the Kingdom.

We are excited about the growth of the church and feel challenged by the Lord to continue advancing with missionary work in New Northern Olinda. On April 20, our morning was full of joy and gratitude to God for the lives of two boys, Abraham Junior and Daniel. They professed their faith through baptism! We praise God for what He has done here in New Olinda do Norte and because we can be part of what God is doing here!

As we celebrate, pray for the “pole” of New Northern Olinda. God has performed miracles in this place and we count on you, our beloved brothers, for this great work.

We ask you to pray for us, for our health and for the advancement of the work in our municipality.

Please also pray:

  • For the teams: Carlos Alvaro and Pedro Paixão / Marcos Alvaro and Lucas Alves
  • For the communities of Pindobal I and II, Vila de Canumã and Saurú
  • For the salvation of the communities located in the Rio Canumã and Paraná do Urariá
  • For the strengthening of the churches in the municipality's headquarters
  • For the work being done here by the Baptist Church Ebenézer and Pastor Josue Martins and Sr. Maria Das Graças Martins Monteiro

José Gleidson & Fernanda Almeida are MAP missionaries serving in the Northeast region of Brazil. Contact Gloria Tillman, MAP ministry assistant, at for more information on how your church can adopt a MAP missionary or visit today!

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