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by Sarah Lane on January 23, 2019 in MAP Stories

“The Lord placed His throne in Heaven; He is King over all.” Psalm 103:19

I have been in the Amazon for nine months, and every day I have seen with greater clarity the purposes of God in that place. The Lord loves these people and wants them to surrender to His love. We are continuing the church planting work on Lake Sacambu and God's sovereignty has taken us to the right places, the right people and through the right circumstances.

We began the month with a difficulty that we now understand as an act of God and His sovereignty. We were without a refrigerator, which gave us the opportunity to approach a family that lives next to us for help. They offered to keep our food in their refrigerator. Through an intentional relationship, we became involved in the daily life of the family, giving Portuguese classes to the wife, and teaching their daughters life skills. Every day, the couple showed more and more interest in knowing the Word. By the grace of God, they asked to start a Bible study in their house.

We are praying for some couples in the village to be able to marry. For some, baptisms depend on marriage validation, and in the context of riverine communities, this rarely happens. To encourage and show the importance of marriage in the eyes of God, our leaders had a couples meeting which ministered to 13 couples. The meeting was a blessing and God has already provided the necessary motivation. We ask you to pray for the necessary finances for these marriages in the notary's office and for the Lord to work in these homes for families to be saved.

We praise God for each financial partner, for each intercessor, for each person who has contributed to the growth of the church being planted. God has placed dreams in our hearts for the communities of Vila do Águia and Botafogo. We believe that the brothers' hands have worked together with ours in this work. God be praised in your lives!

Sarah Lane serves as a MAP missionary in the Amazon region of Brazil.

The Missionary Adoption Program (MAP) partners churches in the US with churches in a host country to jointly sponsor a missionary. 
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