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by Dave Lyons on March 16, 2020 in COVID-19

As more churches will meet virtually over the coming days, it will become vital to provide online giving options for your congregation. We know we serve a generous God and we join with you in praying for generosity from God’s people during these days. Here is a list of potential giving platforms to consider. 

  • Giving Fuel
    Texas Baptists churches now have exclusive access to 6 months of free online giving through GivingFuel, the same fundraising software used by convention staff. The service includes recurring donations, text to give, fund tracking, and year-end statements.
  • PushPay
    PushPay is a mobile app that provides tithing services, and also gives church leaders the ability to send announcements, upload sermons and provide other useful resources and information.
  • PlanningCenter's Church Center app
    Church Center is a mobile app that allows church members to give, check-in their families, join groups, manage their personal profile, and register for events. 
  • Servant PC
    Servant PC is a church-based software that allows remote giving through app, website, and texting opportunities. They also offer kiosk and swiping services on-site. 
  • Pay simple
    Paysimple is a provider of payment management solutions. Church members can give online through either direct-debit from their checking account or credit card.
  • ACS software solution
    ACS is a church-based software that allows giving through app, website and text message. Users can also collect money for specific goals, such as mission trips or a building fund.
  • PayPal
    PayPal is a secure, well-known platform for giving online. Churches can set up a business account for members to easily transfer money and accepts all major credit cards.

Note: The giving platforms listed above are suggestions and not endorsements.

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