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by Texas Baptists Communications on March 17, 2020 in COVID-19

As more churches will meet virtually over the coming days, providing your congregation with a space to continue receiving spiritual nourishment is important. Thanks to the expansion of social media, it is easier than ever to create a strong, online community that will allow your church to stay connected. Below are some suggestions of websites and platforms that will allow you to provide live and pre-recorded worship services. 

  1. YouTube
    YouTube streaming is free once an account is set up. Here is a link to a step-by-step guide on how to live stream.
    View Guide

  2. Vimeo 
    Vimeo streaming service has a variety of paid plans available, which can be found here. Premium and above offer live-streaming. Viewers can watch at no cost.
    View plans

  3. Outreach
    Outreach will launch a free solution for smaller churches that will provide a “Live” link for your church website, which automatically enables a Facebook Live or YouTube Live stream to display on your church website. This will help bring people directly to your website and not require them to find you on Facebook, YouTube, etc. This free service should be available next week. You can sign up to be notified on the launch date.
    Sign-up here

  4. Facebook 
    Facebook Live is a simple way for churches to use your pre-existing Facebook page to reach your congregations. You can also create groups linked to the page for events such as Sunday School and other specific gatherings. Below are some helpful tutorials on setting things up:
    For the best practices for going Live from a Page, click here.
    To learn how to link a group to your page, click here.
    For the best practices for creating and leading Facebook Groups, click here.

  5. Faithlife
    Faithlife offers a number of free and low-cost tools to help you take your church online and stay connected during this crisis, including recording and publishing your sermons, creating a free streaming channel, enabling mobile and online giving, and providing an online community.
    Learn more

    Churchstreaming is offering 90-days free due to COVID-19. Offering easy set-up and personalized steps, they will ensure your church is completely set up to stream your services.
    Learn more

Setting up the church for a live-stream can be tricky. Tips for setting up a successful live-stream can be found here. Remember, it’s all about what is best for your church!

Note: This list is not comprehensive and the resources are suggestions, not endorsements.

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