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by Guest Author on October 27, 2020 in MAP Stories

The Missionary Adoption Program (MAP) would like to share a few short stories from several missionaries in Brazil. COVID has had an impact on the ministry of some MAP missionaries. Some have gone back to their communities, but others still have not returned as a number of  communities along the Amazon remain closed. All the MAP missionaries continue to serve wherever they are and make the most of where God has put them at this time. 

Brenda Ferreira, Costa do Jussara, Brazil 

In the month of September, Dinamara and I [Brenda], returned to the community of Costa do Jussara, and with care, we also resumed our activities. We were worried about not knowing what work was going to be like here after all the time we spent away. Our hearts were tight, not knowing if people were still walking with Jesus. We were surprised to arrive and see that despite the difficulties, people here are still willing to work, listen and learn more about Jesus and His Kingdom. We also feel their affection for us, and we know that all of this is part of God's care.

Carlos and Amanda Bernardo, Codajás region, Brazil

As we have been visiting churches to talk about MAP, we have learned more about the reality of the churches in Codajás. That time has been very precious. We praise God for seeing that in many places His work has not stopped! We see many churches returning to the routine of their face-to-face services together with all necessary precautions. In addition to this, we saw the Church fulfilling its role through technology, messages, video calls, and more, even if the buildings were closed. We had many opportunities to be in the churches with Carlos, sharing the word of God in some services. 

It has been a time of great learning, caring and dependence on the Lord. We know that we need to continue taking care of ourselves due to the Coronavirus, but that cannot stop us as a church.  There are many people who still need to hear of the love that saves, the love of Jesus. So, my dear partners, we will continue, together, wherever we are and as we can, sharing the word that saves and transforms.

José Gleidson and Fernanda Almeida, Nova Olinda do Norte, Brazil

José and Fernanda were blessed to recover from COVID-19, for which they were both asymptomatic. They completed all the recommended treatments, are healthy, and are thankful to be back to work. They were able to then meet with members of their church each morning at 6 a.m. and saw God working in the church, healing wounds, and restoring families. Prayer is a very powerful weapon, and it is needed to arm themselves during this difficult time. Out of this morning prayer came an answer to prayer.

At the end of the month, in the village of Canumã, through discipleship a couple, Lidiane and Valdemir, were married. Once this step was taken, it was possible for them to be baptized and become members of the church. It was beautiful to see God working in that community through the life of this couple. They are potential leaders and have witnessed in that place what God is doing in their lives. 

Kelma Paes Noteno, Marajaí, Brazil

A young man named Willian prayed, some time ago, that one day he would know Jesus. For the Glory of God, that day was today. Willian is saved! It makes me very happy to see God working in the world in a tremendous way. This young man is a blessing in the church, and today he understands his missionary call and will dedicate his life to the Kingdom of God. I have already shared with him, and if God allows it, he will also be part of the Amazon Radical Project. 

Dear partners, seeing lives being transformed motivates me even more to continue investing time and prayer in the lives of people that the Lord places in our lives. Remember that everything that has happened here in Amazonas, especially in Marajaí, is also the result of your investment in missions. Thank you!

Prayer for MAP Missionaries

Continue to pray for all of our MAP Missionaries serving in Brazil. Pray for their safety as, even in times of pandemic, as Gleidson put it, “We will continue to advance and proclaim the love of Christ that has reached us, because He loved us, we love him too, and we give ourselves for that love.”  

Pray that more communities will be opened so missionaries can go back and serve and check on their communities and churches.

Pray that our MAP Missionaries continue to be a blessing in the lives of the residents in their communities– whether they are back in the community or serving from afar. 

Pray for health in the communities in the Amazon and an end to the pandemic around the world. 

Pray for more Texas churches to be involved in supporting MAP Missionaries in Brazil and around the world. 

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