Church and Doughnuts

by Cecily McIlwain on July 26, 2019 in BOUNCE

One of our largest groups this week is partnered with West End Church led by David Miranda. They have participated in a variety of different church planting projects this week. Their projects have included eating with the homeless, planting flowers in the city, playing with children at the local school gym, and painting at the school. They were able to have gospel conversations in both Spanish and English.

Students Colbie Cornell, Alex Kelly, and Dominic Lara shared about their experience during worship today. Dominic was especially moved by the location of the church. West End Church meets outside a doughnut shop (a popular spot for the homeless community) next to the Bank of America Building in Dallas. Wealth meets extreme poverty at this location and it has left an impact on the way these students view church. They were each encouraged to find that doing something that made them nervous (like sharing their faith with strangers) really wasn’t so bad. Colbie is excited to take this newfound courage back to El Paso to his school and community. We are proud of this students and praise God for the work He is doing through them this week. 

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