Final Day of Church Planting in Dallas

by Cecily McIlwain on July 27, 2019 in BOUNCE

            Today wraps up our last day of church planting in Dallas. We were honored to partner with amazing local church planters in Dallas and students from FBC El Paso. This week has been so meaningful to Bouncers as they have had the opportunity to step outside of their comfort zones and press into God’s faithfulness.

            Sermons this summer have focused on heroes of the Bible. Pastor Tom Howe has encouraged students this week to be courageous because we are all heroes. Young people are not lesser for their youth. Many worship speakers this summer have highlighted the power of young people in the Kingdom. Everyone has a role and it is our prayer that the young would be the ones to set the example for everyone else.

            Students accomplished an array of tasks this week with their church planters. We are thankful for the partnerships that took place this week. This was an amazing way to end Bounce summer 2019! This was the first ever week of Bounce Church Planting but you better believe it will not be the last!

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