Goodbye Coastal Bend!

by Cecily McIlwain on July 13, 2019 in BOUNCE

           Tonight wraps up an awesome week in the Coastal Bend! We had a great group of students who never gave up. They worked so hard this whole week and the community took note of their service. What great examples of Christ and His Kingdom. Love comes in many forms and this week students showed love through their sweat and positive attitudes.

            We pray that these students (after some much needed rest) will start thinking about how they can “bounce back home” in their own communities. Their work this week will make a lasting impact in this community but how can their impact be replicated? Churches, challenge your students to keep stepping out in faith even when it costs them something (reputation, free times, resources, etc). Give students safe places where they can come together as a community and bear one another burdens. Look for ways students can get plugged into your community. It is tempting to just rely on church programs as our source of community engagement. If a student has a passion for a need in the community that the church is not involved in then empower that student to be a leader. They have agency and the power of the Holy Spirit. They can start their own discipleship group, nursing home ministry, lawn care ministry, etc.

            We are thankful for the love and wisdom Youth Pastors and adult volunteers pour into students. We have first-hand seen the radical love these advisors have for their students this week and are excited to see what is in store for these churches and their ministries. 

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