The Kingdom of Heaven Meets the Animal Kingdom

by Cecily McIlwain on July 25, 2019 in BOUNCE

            Bouncers descended upon Dallas today for another great day of church planting. Interestingly, one group of students with Kingdom Church spent the better part of their day at the Dallas Zoo! I could never imagine doing ministry at a zoo but that is what this group did and they certainly made a day of it.

            Students began their day at the zoo by talking with people they encountered. They then passed out flyers about the church to families they encountered. The day at the zoo finished with Bouncers walking around the zoo and ministering to a group of children from a local recreation center. They are continuing to plan for clubs and activities they will do with the children in the next two days. Students will read with children and continue doing activities with them. This is important ministry and we are thankful for the work this group of students are doing to speak value and worth over this community. 

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