Knowing Your Limits

by Joe Loughlin on March 28, 2016 in Faith

I can't do impersonations. I've tried. It's beyond me. I speak for a living and work in a lot of humor in my talks, but the element of that hilarious impersonation of some celebrity is never in my act. And, ironically, I finally determined to quit trying after a failed attempt to impersonate Clint Eastwood's famous line, "A man's got to know his limitations." Ha!

One of my best friends approached me that day and simply said, "Pastor, you know I love you, but don't ever try that again." I laughed, and he put his hand on my shoulder and said, "I'm serious. It was embarrassing." So, now I quote celebrities but never try to impersonate them. I, huh-hm, know my limitations.

Do you know yours? Believe me, I have many limitations. If I ever doubt that, I can always ask my wife and kids. They love me enough to answer with candor. Of course, being in ministry, one doesn't have to survey the crowd. Church members will tell you your failings without you even asking them for input. I've heard it all. Ha!

Once I swallowed hard and embraced my inability to do impersonations, I discovered something better (for me, anyway). I have several little characters and voices in my imagination I can bring to life to make serious points in jest. They aren't quotes or impersonations of well-known identities. They're something better--fictional characters whom I can introduce to my audience. Characters I would have never found if I had kept trying, uselessly, to break through my limitations.

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