Lives Changed at the Permian Basin Mission Center

by Sophie Bellew on February 21, 2022 in News

“If it wasn’t for the Permian Basin Mission Center I would still be lost. I would not be going to church. I would not realize that God plays a big part in my life. I am very grateful for this ministry because it has helped me more than just paying my bills, it has helped me grow closer to Christ. I believe in the work they are doing here,” said Pam, a volunteer and recipient of assistance from the Permian Basin Mission Center in Odessa.

The Permian Basin Mission Center has changed lives, physically and spiritually. The Mission Center is a nonprofit organization in Odessa, Texas. Directed by Hector Aguilar, the organization helps with partial rental and utility assistance to those who need it. They also give free clothing, houseware, and bedding. The most important thing they do though, is tell people about Jesus.

Pam and her husband, Tony, were struggling to make ends meet. Their lights were going to turn off if they could not pay their bill. They did not know what they were going to do.

Tony stepped into the Permian Basin Mission Center, and they provided him the money for his bills. They also shared the gospel with him and invited Tony and his family to church.

After that, Pam and Tony started attending church. Because of the help at the Mission Center, Pam and her husband were able to hear about the good news of Jesus Christ.

They started volunteering after they received help at the Mission Center. They loved helping because the people at the Mission Center felt like family.

“It’s like a big hug,” Pam said, “I can come into the mission center any time and the people here greet me like family.”

In November of 2020, Pam’s husband died from COVID-19.

“She was not angry with the Lord, she knew Tony was with Christ. She has had so much joy, comfort, and assurance of the Lord’s presence,” said Aguilar.

Knowing that her husband is in Heaven is a comfort for Pam as she grieves the loss of her husband. Tony received the opportunity to be baptized a few months before he passed, symbolizing his full trust in Jesus as his Savior.

Pam still volunteers at the Permian Basin Mission Center and is thankful for the work they are doing every day at the mission center.

“We provide a physical need in order to open up the door to the spiritual need. If we don't provide a spiritual need then we have failed what we have been called to.” Said Aguilar. “We must have a firm foundation on Jesus, if you don’t, you will crumble. You will be able to survive and thrive when you have a strong foundation in Jesus Christ.”

The Permian Basin Mission Center is a recipient of the Texas Baptist Hunger Offering. The Offering disperses funds through partners to over 100 hunger relief and development ministries across Texas and around the world.

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