Prayer guide: 5 Ways to Pray for Baptists in and near Ukraine

by Christian Life Commission on February 25, 2022 in News

This prayer guide was written by members of the Texas Baptists Christian Life Commission.

Following the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Baptists in Texas and around the world are seeking ways to provide support and encouragement to their brothers and sisters in harm’s way. With a myriad of response efforts being planned or already underway, Texas Baptists churches are encouraged to pray in the following ways:

Baptist churches in Ukraine were preparing for the Russian invasion long before it happened. They have already coordinated between churches in eastern and western Ukraine so that individuals and families know where they can find temporary refuge as they journey to the western borders.

Pray for safe travel for those fleeing danger within Ukraine, for God’s presence to provide them with hope and assurance, and for the churches providing refuge to have enough resources to meet the growing needs.

Baptist associations and mission organizations from around the world are sending hundreds of thousands of dollars to Ukrainian churches to help provide humanitarian aid. There will be an initial wave of emergency funds and follow up funds to project requests.

Pray that humanitarian aid funds will reach their destination, be used wisely, and accomplish God’s purpose.

The first president of Ukraine during its time of freedom was a Baptist deacon. For this and other reasons, Baptists in Ukraine have been labeled as terrorists by the Russian government and may face worse persecution than others.

Pray for God’s protection for Baptists in Ukraine, for hope in suffering, for love towards their enemies, and for the gospel to spread.

Baptist churches in neighboring countries such as Poland and Hungary are already receiving refugees, as women and children cross the border by the thousands per hour. They have an opportunity to provide shelter, pillows and blankets, hygiene kits, and more, but the need is ever growing.

Pray for God to provide churches in Ukraine and neighboring countries with an abundance of resources, and opportunities to share the gospel as they receive refugees.

Thirty-five Brazilian Baptist missionaries have chosen to stay and serve rather than flee the country.

Pray for Brazilian Baptist missionaries and others like them to be filled with God’s spirit as they share the hope of the gospel and embody the sacrificial love of Christ.

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