Texas Baptists give record $953,000 toward Hunger Offering

by Kalie Lowrie on February 13, 2014 in News

DALLAS - Texas Baptists gave more than $953,000 to the Texas Baptist Hunger Offering in 2013 to help address hunger and poverty issues around the world. This is the largest amount raised through the offering since its creation in 1995, and an increase of $200,000 from 2012.

"I am humbled by the generosity of churches and individuals around the state who chose to give to the Texas Baptist Hunger Offering," said Dr. David Hardage, executive director. "Without them, we, as an organization could not do what we do. Thank you to all of you who gave of your resources. We are extremely grateful. Your gifts are changing lives across our state and around the world."

The Hunger Offering, administered by the Christian Life Commission, provides funds to assist programs across the state of Texas and around the world not only addressing hunger issues, but also helping individuals overcome poverty. Programs funded include food and meal distribution, agriculture and livestock initiatives, development, education/job training, and water and sanitation efforts.

"Churches and individuals giving to the offering can celebrate that 100% of every dollar received goes to these programs," said Dr. Gus Reyes, now serving as the new CLC director.

Texas Baptist churches raised funds for the offering in a variety of ways throughout the year, and efforts including the new Mother's Day offering emphasis and Bike Out Hunger aided in raising the additional funds in 2013.

"With the additional $230,000 given on Mother's Day last year, hundreds more, even thousands, who struggle daily accessing enough food to eat will be helped," said Joyce Gilbreath, world hunger specialist. "This money will allow more children to be fed after school, more assistance for single women to find jobs to support their families, and greater improvement of water and sanitation processes in more villages. Most importantly, the love of Christ through meeting someone's basic needs will be freely shown to more people who need Him around the world."

For more information on the Texas Baptist Hunger Offering, visit https://hungeroffering.org.

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