Removing obstacles to evangelism

by Kalie Lowrie on February 4, 2015 in News

When Leslie Strobel became a Christian, she was so excited about the new life she had in Christ. But, she was also heavily burdened for her husband, Lee. A self-proclaimed atheist who actively pursued hedonism and pleasure over spiritual matters, Lee was far from Christ and Leslie worried that he would never be able to come to faith.

Within two years--after an intense investigation seeking to disprove the Bible, the resurrection of Jesus Christ, and Christianity, along with the results of numerous prayers from his wife--Lee found himself kneeling in his bedroom accepting Jesus as his Savior. Years later, standing before a crowd of more than 500 at the [un]Apologetic Conference in Plano, Strobel shared his testimony - one of grace and redemption as he found the truth of Jesus Christ.

"I believed based on the data, but I had to receive the free gift of His grace, then I would become a child of God," he said.

Author of more than 20 books, and former award-winning legal editor for The Chicago Tribune, Strobel was one of four featured conference speakers throughout the weekend at Hunters Glen Baptist Church on Jan. 30-31. Additional speakers included Mark Mittelberg, best-selling author and a leading strategist in evangelism and apologetics-oriented outreach; Dr. Mike Licona, associate professor in theology at Houston Baptist University; and Dr. David Naugle, distinguished university professor chair and professor of philosophy at Dallas Baptist University for 23 years.

Summarizing his research into the resurrection of Christ, Strobel shared that proving the validity of this cornerstone of Christianity opens the door for many to come to Jesus. Strobel gave evidence documenting the execution of Jesus, early accounts of His resurrection, the empty tomb and eyewitness, including nine ancient sources both inside and outside the New Testament, which all confirm the resurrection of Jesus.

Mittleberg has found that outlining the 20 arrows of faith is helpful in overcoming obstacles to sharing the Gospel. He encouraged attendees to "be a confident Christian who knows the Gospel is much more than true, but also a message of love and forgiveness for all."

Touching on topics ranging from Jesus' miracles to the intricacies of human DNA, Mittelberg provided data to support the existence of God and the need for Him in the life of each believer.

Through breakout sessions, large group lectures and a special track for youth, conference attendees were able to gain valuable information to help develop deeper understanding on the tools necessary to share about the Christian faith. Fifty-six churches were represented amongst the attendees at the event, sponsored by Texas Baptists, Hunters Glen Baptist Church, and Collin Baptist Association.

Two additional regional [un]Apologetic Conferences are planned for the spring on February 27-28 at Trinity Baptist Church in San Antonio, and March 6-7 at Tallowood Baptist Church in Houston. Visit for more information.

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