Being present and allowing God to work

by Kalie Lowrie on May 10, 2016 in Faith

Living on mission, according to Josue Valerio, director of the Missions Team, is being present with the people around you and pointing them to a deeper relationship with Christ. As Jesus sent out 72 disciples in Luke 10, He gave them instructions to pray, travel light, seek a person of peace, practice receiving hospitality and to proclaim the Kingdom of God is at hand. Following His directive, the disciples were to remain in a home and be present with those living there - to experience life with them and share Christ’s love.

Whether we are practicing these principles in our neighborhoods or in a community halfway around the world, it is important for believers to engage with those around them and find ways to live out the Gospel.

“Whatever you do, whether missions, evangelism, medical care or serving on a recreation team, do the action knowing God has a purpose and plan for the lives of those whom you are ministering to,” Valerio said.

Being present means spending time getting to know the people around you - your neighbors or new friends you encounter on a mission trip. Show genuine interest in their situation and lives. Bless them and pray to God on their behalf. As you share life with them and exchange stories, then, to share the Gospel with them will be a natural outcome, according to Valerio.

“They will ask why you care, why you are there,” he said. “It is more natural to us to share the Gospel if we practice some of the habits the Lord displayed. When you spend time with people, you earn the right to share the Gospel.”

“It is about loving God and loving your neighbor, including those who are not yet His people,” he continued. “Missions is a tool God can use to build the character of Christ in your church members and make disciples of those who are not yet His followers.” 

The Texas Baptists Mission Team works with churches around the state to facilitate this process through training and equipping believers, as well as aiding in mission trip planning. For more information on how your church can get involved, contact Josue Valerio at or 214-828-5212.

Texas Baptists is a movement of God’s people to share Christ and show love by strengthening churches and ministers, engaging culture and connecting the nations to Jesus.

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