Do it Again

by Cecily McIlwain on June 15, 2019 in BOUNCE

We have concluded a wonderful week of disaster recovery in Houston! Nearly 100 students from six churches finished over 13 projects. Students were challenged to Bounce back home. If we really believe that the work we did this week was and is God inspired then it is impossible to just walk away. Bouncers displayed an amazing love for God and God’s people this week. The Bounce team has enjoyed working with and learning from the student’s love and work ethic.

            Worship speaker, Nick Cooper, gave students necessary tools to continue growing closer to God through the study of Scripture. The table of contents is our friend! We need not be ashamed of not knowing where the small book of Ruth is BUT we must be able to back up our claims with specific passages of Scripture, not just “the Bible says so.” What a powerful resource for students who have already understood and embraced to call to live out the Word. Now students have the tools to write the Word on their hearts and minds through study.

            This week we enjoyed singing “Do it Again.” We worshipped the God who does great things again and again. Students, you have the Spirit of the living God. So go home and do it again! 

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